CS 101 (Fall 2000)

Emacs Printing in CEC and Cupples II 300

To print from Emacs in the labs, follow this procedure:

  1. In Emacs, go to "Help" in the menubar, and choose "Customize"/"Specific Group...".
  2. Enter lpr in the minibuffer, and hit ENTER.
  3. Where it says "Printer Name", change PRN to one of the following:
  4. Click on [Save for Future Sessions] at the top of the customization buffer.

You can then print from Emacs as normal. You have to repeat this procedure every time you want to print in a different lab (so, if you go to Cupples II 300 after choosing a CEC printer, you have to choose the Cupples II 300 printer, and vice versa).

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