CS 101 (Fall 2000)
Mounting your CEC directory in the comfort of your dorm room

If you want to work on CS101 in your dorm room, then a nice idea would be to keep your files on the cec fileserver. This way, when you come to demo, your files are already on the lab computers. Also, it is most likely the case that the CEC filesystem is backed-up more rigorously than your personal computer.

If you are running Windows 98, here is how to mount your CEC directory. First, you have to do the following to set things up.

  1. Change your workgroup to cec.
    1. Open the Networking control panel
    2. Click on Identification
    3. Type in cec
    4. No need to reboot yet
  2. Edit the (perhaps nonexistent yet) file lmhosts, with no extension, located in your C:\WINDOWS directory. Note, the file must be the one that has no extesion; you may already have a file names lmhosts.sam; that is NOT the file you should edit. Most likely, you will have to create the file as it won't exist already. You can use emacs or notepad to create the file.
  3. Add the following line to that file warehouse
  4. Save the file
  5. OK, now reboot

Now, here's how you mount your home directory.

  1. Make sure your workgroup is cec, as above. If not, reperform that step and reboot.
  2. Log into your computer using your cec account name (for example, rkc4, or tmpsp037). Go ahead and do this even if your computer complains that it can't validate your login.
  3. From your My Computer icon, right click to Map Network Drive.
  4. For the Path, fill in the following
    where you substitute your cec login name for USERNAME.

    Your home directory should be mapped and you can now use your locally installed software to work on your labs at home.

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