CS101 Java Reference

Frequently Used References:

JDE (Java Development Environment)
A tutorial on how to install, use, and customize the Emacs-based JDE for this course. Note that it is already installed on CEC machines.
The Java Language Library
contains documentation for the classes built into the Java language. Among these is the Math class, which provides many useful mathematical methods. The random method is described therein.
The canvas package
is a set of classes that are provided for your use in this course. These classes offer abstractions of Java's awt and swing packages.
A tutorial on listeners
This tutorial explains how mouse- and keyboard-listeners can be used with the course software. A section is also given on "Drag and Drop".

Other Useful Information:

The Complete Java Library Documentation (1.3)
contains descriptions of all classes in the Java library. Except for those classes in java.lang, you will need to import the appropriate packages into your program in order to use them. Ask if you have questions. Many of these may not make any sense to you until you finish CS102.
The Java Language Specification
provides syntax and semantics for Java language constructs. A working knowledge of C++ is assumed, but once you are familiar with Java, this is a handy reference.
The Java White Papers
provide background on the history of Java, the reasons for its creation, and motivation for basic design decisions, and other information. Provided for your information only. Again, you do not need to print this.
Sun's Java Welcome Page
provides links to a wealth of information on Java, including a variety of documentation.
Schools Teaching Java
provides links to colleges and universities using Java in their courses.