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Background - Class in org.sunflow.core.primitive
Background() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.primitive.Background
BakedCake - Class in instructor.demo.pipeline.cake
BakedCake(MixedIngredients) - Constructor for class instructor.demo.pipeline.cake.BakedCake
BanchoffSurface - Class in org.sunflow.core.primitive
BanchoffSurface() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.primitive.BanchoffSurface
BankTransactionsUsingGlobalIsolation - Class in module2.unit5.topic1
BankTransactionsUsingGlobalIsolation class.
BankTransactionsUsingGlobalIsolation() - Constructor for class module2.unit5.topic1.BankTransactionsUsingGlobalIsolation
BankTransactionsUsingObjectIsolation - Class in module2.unit5.topic2
BankTransactionsUsingObjectIsolation class.
BankTransactionsUsingObjectIsolation() - Constructor for class module2.unit5.topic2.BankTransactionsUsingObjectIsolation
bar() - Method in class module2.unit6.topic1.IntegerCounterActorVersion
Barracks - Class in instructor.demo.datadriven.techtree
Barracks(CommandCenter) - Constructor for class instructor.demo.datadriven.techtree.Barracks
BarrierInForall - Class in module1.unit3.topic4
BarrierInForall class.
BarrierInForall() - Constructor for class module1.unit3.topic4.BarrierInForall
Benchmark - Class in org.sunflow
Benchmark() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.Benchmark
Benchmark(int, boolean, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.Benchmark
Benchmark(int, boolean, boolean, boolean, int) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.Benchmark
BenchmarkFramework - Class in org.sunflow.system
This class provides a very simple framework for running a BenchmarkTest kernel several times and time the results.
BenchmarkFramework(int, int) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.system.BenchmarkFramework
BenchmarkTest - Interface in org.sunflow.system
This interface is used to represent a piece of code which is to be benchmarked by repeatedly running and timing the kernel code.
BExecutorFrameworkAsyncFinishTest - Class in hw5.test.part3
A unit test for ExecutorFramework.
BExecutorFrameworkAsyncFinishTest(FrameworkType) - Constructor for class hw5.test.part3.BExecutorFrameworkAsyncFinishTest
BezierMesh - Class in org.sunflow.core.tesselatable
BezierMesh() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.tesselatable.BezierMesh
BezierMesh(float[][]) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.tesselatable.BezierMesh
BFrameworkQuicksortTest - Class in hw5.test.part4
A unit test for FrameworkQuicksorter.
BFrameworkQuicksortTest() - Constructor for class hw5.test.part4.BFrameworkQuicksortTest
BigDecimalAccumulator - Class in edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.contrib.runtime.accumulator
BigDecimalAccumulator(NumberReductionOperator) - Constructor for class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.contrib.runtime.accumulator.BigDecimalAccumulator
BinaryTrees - Class in module1.unit2.topic1
BinaryTrees class.
BinaryTrees() - Constructor for class module1.unit2.topic1.BinaryTrees
BinaryTreesSeq - Class in module1.unit2.topic1
BinaryTreesSeq class.
BinaryTreesSeq() - Constructor for class module1.unit2.topic1.BinaryTreesSeq
Bitmap - Class in org.sunflow.image
Bitmap(String, boolean) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.image.Bitmap
Bitmap(int, int, boolean) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.image.Bitmap
BLACK - Static variable in class org.sunflow.image.Color
black() - Static method in class org.sunflow.image.Color
BlackbodySpectrum - Class in org.sunflow.image
BlackbodySpectrum(float) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.image.BlackbodySpectrum
BlackmanHarrisFilter - Class in org.sunflow.core.filter
BlackmanHarrisFilter(float) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.filter.BlackmanHarrisFilter
blend(Color, Color, float) - Static method in class org.sunflow.image.Color
blend(Color, Color, float, Color) - Static method in class org.sunflow.image.Color
blend(Color, Color, Color) - Static method in class org.sunflow.image.Color
blend(Color, Color, Color, Color) - Static method in class org.sunflow.image.Color
blend(Matrix4, Matrix4, float) - Static method in class org.sunflow.math.Matrix4
BLUE - Static variable in class org.sunflow.image.Color
BoundingBox - Class in org.sunflow.math
3D axis-aligned bounding box.
BoundingBox() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.math.BoundingBox
Creates an empty box.
BoundingBox(BoundingBox) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.math.BoundingBox
Creates a copy of the given box.
BoundingBox(Point3) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.math.BoundingBox
Creates a bounding box containing only the specified point.
BoundingBox(float, float, float) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.math.BoundingBox
Creates a bounding box containing only the specified point.
BoundingBox(float) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.math.BoundingBox
Creates a bounding box centered around the origin.
BoundingIntervalHierarchy - Class in org.sunflow.core.accel
BoundingIntervalHierarchy() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.accel.BoundingIntervalHierarchy
Box - Class in org.sunflow.core.primitive
Box() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.primitive.Box
BoxFilter - Class in org.sunflow.core.filter
BoxFilter(float) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.filter.BoxFilter
BSliceTest - Class in hw5.test.part1
A unit test for Slice.
BSliceTest(int, int, int) - Constructor for class hw5.test.part1.BSliceTest
BStringConcurrentHashMapTest - Class in
BStringConcurrentHashMapTest() - Constructor for class
BThreadQuicksortTest - Class in hw5.test.part2
A unit test for ThreadQuicksorter.
BThreadQuicksortTest() - Constructor for class hw5.test.part2.BThreadQuicksortTest
BucketOrder - Interface in org.sunflow.core
Creates an array of coordinates that iterate over the tiled screen.
BucketOrderFactory - Class in org.sunflow.core.bucket
BucketOrderFactory() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.bucket.BucketOrderFactory
BucketRenderer - Class in org.sunflow.core.renderer
BucketRenderer() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.renderer.BucketRenderer
build() - Method in class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.options.SystemPropertiesOption.Builder
build(PrimitiveList) - Method in class org.sunflow.core.accel.BoundingIntervalHierarchy
build(PrimitiveList) - Method in class org.sunflow.core.accel.KDTree
build(PrimitiveList) - Method in class org.sunflow.core.accel.NullAccelerator
build(PrimitiveList) - Method in class org.sunflow.core.accel.UniformGrid
build(PrimitiveList) - Method in interface org.sunflow.core.AccelerationStructure
Construct an acceleration structure for the specified primitive list.
build() - Method in class org.sunflow.SunflowAPI
This method does nothing, but may be overriden to create scenes procedurally.
build() - Method in class student.solution.mapreduce.matrix.MatrixMapReduceFramework.Builder
Builder() - Constructor for class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.options.SystemPropertiesOption.Builder
Builder() - Constructor for class student.solution.mapreduce.matrix.MatrixMapReduceFramework.Builder
BumpMappingModifier - Class in org.sunflow.core.modifiers
BumpMappingModifier() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.modifiers.BumpMappingModifier
BWordCountMapperTest - Class in student.assignment.mapreduce
BWordCountMapperTest() - Constructor for class student.assignment.mapreduce.BWordCountMapperTest
BWordCountMapperToLowerCaseTest - Class in student.assignment.mapreduce
BWordCountMapperToLowerCaseTest() - Constructor for class student.assignment.mapreduce.BWordCountMapperToLowerCaseTest
BWordCountReducerTest - Class in student.assignment.mapreduce
BWordCountReducerTest() - Constructor for class student.assignment.mapreduce.BWordCountReducerTest
BWordCountReducerTest_AllowInstructorSolution - Class in student.assignment.mapreduce
BWordCountReducerTest_AllowInstructorSolution() - Constructor for class student.assignment.mapreduce.BWordCountReducerTest_AllowInstructorSolution
bytesToString(long) - Static method in class org.sunflow.system.Memory
ByteUtil - Class in org.sunflow.system
ByteUtil() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.system.ByteUtil
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