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objectBased(Object) - Static method in enum edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.HabaneroClassic
objectBasedAll(Object, Object, Object...) - Static method in enum edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.HabaneroClassic
ObjectBasedIsolationOption - Class in edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.options
ObjectBasedIsolationOption(Object) - Constructor for class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.options.ObjectBasedIsolationOption
ObjectBasedIsolationOption(Object, Object, Object[]) - Constructor for class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.options.ObjectBasedIsolationOption
occlusion(int, float) - Method in class org.sunflow.core.ShadingState
Simple black and white ambient occlusion.
occlusion(int, float, Color, Color) - Method in class org.sunflow.core.ShadingState
Ambient occlusion routine, returns a value between bright and dark depending on the amount of geometric occlusion in the scene.
OneDimAveraging - Class in module1.unit4.topic3
OneDimAveraging class.
OneDimAveraging(int) - Constructor for class module1.unit4.topic3.OneDimAveraging
Constructor for OneDimAveraging.
OneDimAveragingBarrier - Class in module1.unit3.topic6
OneDimAveragingBarrier class.
OneDimAveragingBarrier(int) - Constructor for class module1.unit3.topic6.OneDimAveragingBarrier
Constructor for OneDimAveragingBarrier.
OneDimAveragingGrouped - Class in module1.unit3.topic5
OneDimAveragingGrouped class.
OneDimAveragingGrouped(int) - Constructor for class module1.unit3.topic5.OneDimAveragingGrouped
Constructor for OneDimAveragingGrouped.
OpenCVUtils - Class in edu.wustl.cse231s.opencv
OpenEndedKMerCounter - Class in student.assignment.kmer.extracredit
An open-ended k-mer counter.
OpenEndedKMerCounter() - Constructor for class student.assignment.kmer.extracredit.OpenEndedKMerCounter
OpenExrDisplay - Class in org.sunflow.core.display
This display outputs a tiled OpenEXR file with RGB information.
OpenExrDisplay(String, String, String) - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.display.OpenExrDisplay
openFinishAccumulators() - Method in class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.contrib.runtime.accumulator.AccumulatorManager
operator - Variable in class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.contrib.runtime.accumulator.BigDecimalAccumulator
operator - Variable in class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.contrib.runtime.accumulator.DoubleAccumulator
operator - Variable in class edu.wustl.cse231s.rice.classic.contrib.runtime.accumulator.IntegerAccumulator
opposite() - Method in class org.sunflow.image.Color
Options - Class in org.sunflow.core
This holds rendering objects as key, value pairs.
Options() - Constructor for class org.sunflow.core.Options
options(String) - Method in class org.sunflow.SunflowAPI
Defines an option object to hold the current parameters.
OrderedPair<T extends Comparable<T>> - Class in edu.wustl.cse231s.util
OrderedPair(T, T) - Constructor for class edu.wustl.cse231s.util.OrderedPair
org.sunflow - package org.sunflow
org.sunflow.core - package org.sunflow.core
org.sunflow.core.accel - package org.sunflow.core.accel
org.sunflow.core.bucket - package org.sunflow.core.bucket - package
org.sunflow.core.display - package org.sunflow.core.display
org.sunflow.core.filter - package org.sunflow.core.filter - package
org.sunflow.core.light - package org.sunflow.core.light
org.sunflow.core.modifiers - package org.sunflow.core.modifiers
org.sunflow.core.parser - package org.sunflow.core.parser
org.sunflow.core.photonmap - package org.sunflow.core.photonmap
org.sunflow.core.primitive - package org.sunflow.core.primitive
org.sunflow.core.renderer - package org.sunflow.core.renderer
org.sunflow.core.shader - package org.sunflow.core.shader
org.sunflow.core.tesselatable - package org.sunflow.core.tesselatable
org.sunflow.image - package org.sunflow.image
org.sunflow.math - package org.sunflow.math
org.sunflow.system - package org.sunflow.system
org.sunflow.system.ui - package org.sunflow.system.ui
org.sunflow.util - package org.sunflow.util
OrthoNormalBasis - Class in org.sunflow.math
ox - Variable in class org.sunflow.core.Ray
oy - Variable in class org.sunflow.core.Ray
oz - Variable in class org.sunflow.core.Ray
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