Kernel Timing and Timers Source Code Pointers

These are some pointers to timing and timer related files in the Linux kernel.

kernel/time/time.c- Contains basic time related system calls: time, stime, gettimeofday, settimeofday, etc.

kernel/time/timer.c- Legacy timer subsystem based on timer wheels.

kernel/time/hrtimer.c- High resolution timers subsystem (this is the basis for high resolution kernel timers as well as most current userspace timer iterfaces: itimers, nanosleep, and POSIX timers)

kernel/time/tick-common.c- Functions for handling of ticks when they occur, including tick_periodic for periodic tick systems.

kernel/time/tick-oneshot.c- Functions for handling of ticks on oneshot based systems.

kernel/time/tick-broadcast.c- Functions for handling the broadcast of tick events for SMP systems, including functions for handling ticks in oneshot mode.