2nd RTAS Workshop on Model-Driven Embedded Systems
(MoDES '04)

Integrating Models, Architectures, Patterns, Frameworks, and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Tuesday May 25, 2004
at RTAS 2004 Toronto, Canada, May 25-28, 2004


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In the past several years, spurred by significant investment and effort by government agencies, industry, and academic research centers, several key areas of research and practice have begun to converge, and this convergence has gained increasing attention and importance in the domain of real-time and embedded systems. Key research areas include Model Driven Architectures, Model Integrated Computing, Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Middleware, Hybrid Control, and Aspect-based Composition of Embedded Systems.

While each of these areas has yielded promising results in its own particular direction, transitioning these results into practice and integrating research in these areas is essential. In particular, this workshop aims to bring together practitioners and researchers in these areas for discussions leading to a broader understanding of how complex large-scale embedded systems, operating in heterogeneous and time-varying environments can be

  • modeled
  • configured
  • composed
  • analyzed
  • checked
  • secured
  • certified, and
  • controlled
so that crucial system properties can be assured within tractable model-driven programming environments.

This workshop expands the scope of the first MoDES workshop at RTAS 2003 to bring an increased focus on crossing the chasm between research and practice. The goals of this workshop are to (1) review state-of-the-art research leading toward an integrated view of model-driven composition of systems with static and run-time assurances and/or control of real-time, fault-tolerance, security, footprint, and other crucial properties; and (2) capture real world challenges in these areas that hinder transition of recent related research to industrial practice.

Workshop Format

To achieve this expanded scope, the workshop will address three topics in sequence:
  1. MoDES challenges in industrial practice,
  2. Recent research advances in MoDES, and
  3. Crossing the chasm between MoDES research and practice,
where Topic 3 is intended to put the "work" in "workshop" -- time will be set aside during the afternoon for a guided discussion to identify relationships and remaining gaps between research results and industrial needs.

Important Dates

Paper submissionDeadline extended to Friday, April 23, 2004
Acceptance notificationMonday, April 26, 2004
Final papers dueMonday, May 10, 2004

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