Program: 2nd RTAS Workshop on Model-Driven Embedded Systems
(MoDES '04)

Integrating Models, Architectures, Patterns, Frameworks, and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Tuesday May 25, 2004
at RTAS 2004 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 25-28, 2004


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7:15amBreakfast (provided by workshop)
8:00amOpening Remarks
8:10amSession I: MoDES Challenges in Industrial Practice
1 Experience with Developing Product, Process and Equipment Models for Manufacturing Operations Martin Hardwick
2 Toward an Approach for Specification of QoS and Resource Information for Dynamic Resource Management Roy Campbell, Rose Daley, B. Dasarathy, Patrick Lardieri, Brad Orner, Rick Schantz, Randy Coleburn, Lonnie R. Welch, Paul Work
3 Intents, Upgrades and Assurance in Model-based Development Jonas Elmqvist, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
4 Model-Driven Hybrid and Embedded Software for Automotive Applications Anouck R. Girard, Adam S. Howell and J. Karl Hedrick
9:30amBreak (coffee provided)
9:50amSession II: Research Advances in MoDES
5 Model-Based Real-Time Embedded Control Software for Automotive Torque Management Carlos Zavala, Pannag Sanketi, Daniel Lamberson, Anouck R. Girard and J. Karl Hedrick
6 Model-Based Design of End-to-End Quality of Service in a Multi- UAV Surveillance and Target Tracking Application Joseph P. Loyall, Jianming Ye, Sandeep Neema, Nagabhushan Mahadevan
7 Model-Driven Resource Management for Distributed Real-Time and Embedded Systems Chang Liu, David Fleeman, Eric Aber, Lonnie Welch, and David Juedes
8 Toward Model-Based Verification of Adaptive Allocation Managers William Leal, Frank Drews, Chang Liu, Lonnie Welch
9 Design of High-Performance Embedded System using Model Integrated Computing Sumit Mohanty and Viktor K. Prasanna
10 Glue Code Generation: Closing the Loophole in Model-based Development Dionisio de Niz and Raj Rajkumar
11:50amLunch (provided by workshop)
1:20pmSession III: Research Advances in in MoDES (continued)
11 Equivalent design representation and transformation for high level synthesis M. Sangeetha, C. Tharini, R. Perinbam

12 Model Level Coupling of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems Clemens Reichmann, Daniel Gebauer, and Klaus D. Muller-Glaser
13 An Information Model for High-Integrity Real Time Systems Alek Radjenovic, Richard Paige, Philippa Conmy, Malcolm Wallace, and John McDermid
14 Synthesis of Real-Time Implementation from UML-RT Models Z. Gu and K. G. Shin
15 A Framework for Model-based QoS-aware Development of UML-RT Systems Benito Liccardi
16 Model-Driven Compilation of UML-Models for Reconfigurable Architectures Thomas Beierlein, Dominik Frvhlich, and Bernd Steinbach
3:00pmBreak (coffee provided)
3:40pmSession IV:
Crossing the Chasm between MoDES Research and Practice

(discussion outline slides in ppt format)
5:20pmClosing Remarks

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