Brendan Juba - Students Supervised
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In addition to my Ph.D. students, I have worked with a number of other students over the years:

Masters project and thesis students:
  • Sam Leonard (2016)
  • Mengxue Zhang (2017)
  • John Hainline (2018)
  • Jizhou Huang (2018)
  • Alex Durgin

Other master's and undergraduate students, including summer REU students:
  • Apurva Chitnis (REU)
  • Roger Iyengar
  • Philip Bonneville
  • Phoebe Chua (REU)
  • Tushar Mathew
  • Di Qi (REU)
  • Josh Arfin (REU)
  • Wenjia Zhang
  • Zongyi Li
  • Rudy Zhou
  • Diego Calderon (REU)
  • Lisa Ruan (REU)
  • Sirui Li
  • Sam Heil
  • Caleb Ji
  • Hengxuan Li
  • Carley Maupin (REU)
  • Neeha Kotte (REU)
  • Sarah Bussmann
Much of the REU funding was provided by the NSF Big Data Analytics REU site grant, award IIS-1560191.

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