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This page contains presentations based on research projects I have worked on and links to additional resources.

The past schedules for the complexity reading group (formerly, theory or crypto-complexity reading group) at MIT are still available. The bottom of the page contains a list of suggested papers for topics circa 2007 that may still be useful as a starting point.

Reasoning and Learning in PAC-Semantics
AAAI'18 Tutorial pdf - 1.87MB
First-order clauses pptx - 97k
pdf - 347k
Abduction pptx - 188k
Common Sense via Implicit Learning pptx - 173k
Efficient Algorithms pptx - 892k
Probabilistic Inference
Via Implicit Learning in Sum-of-squares pptx - 388k
Conditional Linear Regression
New algorithms pptx - 812k
Bounded Learners pptx - 274k
Information-theoretic Models of Natural Language
Price of Uncertainty pptx - 5.4MB
Compression Without a Common Prior pptx - 5371k
Universal Communication
Simple Goals and On-line Learning pptx - 1011k
Efficiency via Compatible Beliefs pptx - 868k
Goal-Oriented Communication pptx - 2955k
Part I PowerPoint - 366k
Simple Stochastic Games (Stable Circuit Problem) and PLS-completeness
Preliminary PowerPoint - 133k
Final Presentation PowerPoint (short) - 420k
PowerPoint (full length) - 488k
web version (with commentary)
Conceptualizing Strategizing Control Systems (CONSCS)
Preliminary PowerPoint - 439k
End of summer update PowerPoint - 243k

Links: Videos of my talk on Algorithms for PAC-Semantics, from a theory lunch at the Center for Computational Intractability and a newer one from a CSDM seminar at IAS are available. (A version of the slides is also posted above.)

The first presentation on CONSCS was originally given immediately following a presentation by Matt Humphrey, and presumes the audience is familiar with its contents.

The second presentation on CONSCS was given immediately following another presentation by Matt Humphrey. This presentation gives a more extensive review of where the project went, and provides an introduction to the framework discussed in my presentation.

For additional information on CONSCS, visit Manuel's page. Of particular interest are the talk given at the 20th IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity, the NSF proposal outlining the project and "What is consciousness?", some preliminary remarks on the project.

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