Charles E. Molnar
March 14, 1935 - Newark, NJ
December 13, 1996 - Sunnyvale, CA

Excerpts from two seminars on metastability presented at Hewlett-Packard in February 1992. Text, figures, and quicktime movies.

Biography (material submitted for publication in the book: Computer Pioneers, 2nd Edition, edited by J.A.N. Lee, to be published by IEEE Computer Society Press).

Precursor to the PC -- the LINC (Laboratory INstrument Computer), the NIH Stetten Museum of Medical Research. This includes photos of the LINC and an excellent detailed description of the LINC development, and its effect on Biomedical Research.

Charles E. Molnar award for contribution best bridging gap between theory and practice, Async97.

Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems (EDIS) maintained by Tom Verhoeff, dedication to Charles E. Molnar.

Charles E. Molnar, 1985. Photograph courtesy of Washington University Photographic Services

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