New Faculty and Department Chair

This semester we have the honor of welcoming a new department chair and two new faculty members! I hope all of you are as excited as we are that they are joining the WUSTL family. Here’s some information on who they are, and what their interests are.

Department Chair: Roch Guérin
Coming From: University of Pennsylvania
Research Area: Professor Guérin is an international leader in the field of computer networking, both for his major research contributions and his dedication to serving the community. He is widely recognized for his contributions to understanding the fundamentals of data network design and how networks can be designed to provide desired quality of service guarantees. His work was among the earliest in this area and is credited with laying the foundation for later work. He also made early contributions in wireless and cellular networks.

Faculty: Sanmay Das
Coming From: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Virginia Tech
Research Area: Professor Das’s research lies in designing effective algorithms for agents in complex, uncertain environments and in understanding the social or collective outcomes of individual behavior. He has broad interests across computational social science (market microstructure, matching markets, social networks) and machine learning (reinforcement learning, sequential decision-making, supervised learning, data mining).

Faculty: Yasutaka Furukawa
Coming From: Google
Research Area: Professor Furukawa’s work centers on computer vision and computer graphics. His work includes designing and implementing a city-scale dense 3D reconstruction pipeline from aerial images, running in an unprecedented scale for hundreds of cities all over the world.

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