Chenyang Lu's News Archive

Green Rehab Project Promotes a More Sustainable University. [8/2013]

Washington Bridge Collapse Could Be a Wake-up Call. Medill Reports [5/2013]

Wireless Network in Hospital Monitors Vital Signs. [8/2011]

Mesh Network Monitors Patients in Virtual ICU. British Journal of Healthcare Computing [8/2011]

Washington University Researchers Seek to Bring Mobility to ICU Patients. RFID Journal [8/2011]

Hospital Tests Wireless Patient Monitoring. UPI [8/2011]

Clinical Warning System Could Change Healthcare, [8/2011]

St. Louis Hospital Tests Wireless System That Monitors Vital Signs. iHealthBeat [8/2011]

Discussed RFID-based Credit Card Security on Local NBC Affiliate. [2/10/2011]

Real-time Systems Article on Feedback Control Scheduling Is Most Cited Since 2002. [12/10/2010]