CSE 520S Real-Time Systems
Fall 2016

Prof. Chenyang Lu
TAs: Chong Li, Chao Wang
Whitaker 216, Mon/Wed 1-2:30

In this class students will study real-time software technology driving many embedded systems and Internet of Things.  Topics covered will include real-time scheduling, real-time operating systems and middleware, real-time virtualization and cloud computing, and real-time wireless sensor networks.  Students will study and critique papers and perform system projects.  The theme of this year's course projects is cloud computing for real-time and Internet-of-Things systems.  Check out this video for inspiration!  The course projects will be developed on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge (undergraduate-level course or equivalent) on operating systems and networks. Prior knowledge on embedded and real-time systems is not required.