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Raj Jain,
Professor, Washington University in St. Louis
April 2010

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Spring 2016 Course: CSE 574S: Wireless and Mobile Networking

Recent Talks:
Smart Cities: Technological Challenges and Issues," IEEE CS Keynote at ADCOM) 2015
Internet of Things: Challenges and Issues, IEEE CS Keynote at ADCOM 2014
Virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Mobile Carriers, Keynote at WoWMom 2014

WUSTL High-Definition Video Traces Library
Audio/Video Recordings of Lectures
CSE 570S - Recent Advances in Networking (2013) | CSE567M - Computer Systems Analysis (2015, 2013, 2011, 2008, 2006) | CSE 574S: Wireless and Mobile Networking (2014, 2010, 2008, 2006) | CSE571S - Network Security ( 2014, 2011, 2009, 2007) | CSE 473S: Introduction to Computer Networking ( 2011, 2010, 2009, 2005) | Hot Topics in Networking (May 2002) | Introduction to Optical Networks (2002) | CIS 788 - Recent Advances in Networking ( 1999, 1997) | CIS 777 - Telecommunications Networks | Internet Protocols
The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling ( Instruction Slides, Errata) | High Performance TCP/IP Networking ( Instruction Slides) | Quality of Service Architectures for Wireless Networks: Performance Metrics and Management | FDDI Handbook: High-Speed Networking with Fiber and Other Media | Control-theoretic Formulation of Operating Systems Resource Management Policies
Class Lectures on Recent Advances in Networking
Course Overview | Networking Trends: World According to Google | Data Center Network Topologies | Data Center Ethernet | Server Virtualization | Storage Virtualization | Carrier Ethernet | Application Delivery Networking | Virtual Bridging | Big Data | Networking Issues for Big Data | Project Guidelines | LAN Extension and Virtualization using Layer 3 Protocols | Multi-Tenant Isolation and Network Virtualization in Cloud Data Centers | OpenFlow | OpenFlow Controllers and Tools | Software Defined Networking (SDN) | Network Function Virtualization (NFV) | Internet of Things (IoT) | Networking Protocols for IoT
Student Reports:
Hadoop in Physical and Virtual Servers | Balloon Networking | Information-Centric Networking | Named Data Caching and Routing | Naming in the Internet of Things | Research in Big Data | Research in Data Center Networking | SDN Research | Semantic Web | Smart Grid | Green Networking Initiative | IP Based Smart Services | Broadband Aggregation Networks | Vehicular Networking
Class Lectures on Computer System Analysis
Course Introduction | Common Mistakes | Selection of Techniques and Metrics | Types of Workloads | Workload Selection | Workload Characterization | Data Presentation | Ratio Games | Summarizing Measured Data | Comparing Systems Using Random Data | Simple Linear Regression Models | Other Regression Models | Experimental Designs | 2k Experimental Designs | Factorial Designs with Replication | Fractional Factorial Designs | One Factor Experiments | Two Factor Full Factorial Design w/o Replications | Two Factor Full Factorial Designs with Replications | General Full Factorial Designs | Introduction to Simulation | Analysis of Simulation Results | Random Number Generation | Testing Random Number Generators | Random Variate Generation | Introduction to Queueing Theory | Analysis of Single Queue | Queueing Networks | Operational Laws | Mean-Value Analysis | Convolution Algorithm
Student Reports on Performance Analysis:
Cloud Computing Platforms | Smart Grid | Hypervisors for Cloud Computing | Image Sensor | Laplace's Equation | Multi-core Processors | Named Data Networking | Packet Reception | Robotics Systems | Smart Phones | Social Networks | BitTorrent | Wireless Sensor Networks | OpenVPN | Sorting | Real-time Scan Conversion | Network Tracker for BitTorrent | 6LoWPAN | Statistical Modeling Tools | FPGA Benchmarks | Network Topology and Analysis | FPGA Programming Languages | Database Systems | Hardware Performance Analysis Tools | Beyond Visual Range Air Combat | Network Simulation Tools | Data Encryption Algorithms | Gamma-Ray Event Parameterization Application | MAC protocols | Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Techniques | Network Performance Monitoring Tools | Network Performance Monitoring Tools II | Network Performance Monitoring Tools | Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Tools II | Operating System and Process Monitoring Tools | Performance Analysis Tools | Processor workloads | Diversified Router | Wireless Sensor Networks | Software Performance Analysis Tools | Software Monitoring and Profiling Tools | Network Traffic Models | Network Traffic Models II | Network Traffic Models III | X-Sim: A Trace-Based Simulator | Thermally Adaptive Application
Class Lectures on Network Security
Course Intro | Security Overview | Classical Encryption Techniques | Block Ciphers and DES | Basic Concepts in Number Theory and Finite Fields | Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) | Block Cipher Operations | Pseudo Random Number Generation and Stream Ciphers | Number Theory | Public Key Cryptography | Other Public Key Cryptosystems | Cryptographic Hash Functions | Message Authentication Codes | Digital Signatures | Key Management and Distribution | User Authentication Protocols | Network Access Control and Cloud Security | Transport Level Security | Wireless Network Security | Electronic Mail Security | IP Security | Intrusion Detection
Network Security Tools by Students:
Placeholder Trojan | Password Sniffer | Android Trojan Horse | Traffic Sniffer | Steganography | E-ZeePass: Web-based password hash | Cafe Crack: A Wireless Attack Tool | Net Vigilant: Network Monitor Tool | Secure Data Exchange Tool
Student Reports on Recent Advances in Network Security:
Android Security | Body Area Networks Security | Cryptocurrencies | Cloud Security | Nation-State Cyber Espionage | iOS Security | Point-of-Sale (POS) Malware | Security of Smart Grid | Security in VANETs | Security of Autonomous Vehicles | Cloud Security | Virtual Machine Security | Social Networks Security | Cyber Warfare | Cybercrime | Cyber-Terrorism | Mobile Security | Industrial Control Systems Security | Video Security | Digital Rights Management | Biometrics Security Systems | Digital Watermarking | Anonymity | WiMAX security 1 | WiMAX Security 2 | Social Network Security | Kerberos V | Sensors and Actuators Security | Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Security | Worms | Security of Virtual Machines | Cloud Computing Security | Hacking Organizations, Conferences, and Publications | Secure Ballots Using Quantum Cryptography | Quantum Key Distribution Protocols | Web Single Sign-On Systems | Wireless Hacking Tools | Peer-to-Peer Network Security | Intrusion Detection Techniques | GSS-API
Class Lectures on Wireless and Mobile Networking:
Course Overview | Wireless Networking: Issues and Trends | Wireless Physical Layer | Wireless Signal Propagation | 802.11 LANs | 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac | 60 GHz | Vehicular Wireless | White Spaces | Wirelss Regional Area Networks | Bluetooth Smart | Wireless for Internet of Things | ZigBee | 1G/2G/3G Cellular | LTE | LTE-Advanced | Media Independent Handover | Aeronautical Wireless Networks | Mobile IPv4 | Mobile IPv6 | TCP over Wireless | Ad Hoc Networks: Issues and Routing | Wireless Sensor Networks | Wireless Mesh and Multi-Hop Relay Networks | Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) | Quality of Service in Data Networks | Network Security Concepts: Review | Wireless Network Security | Energy Management in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks |
Student Reports on Recent Advances in Wireless and Mobile Networking:
Voice over LTE | Software-Defined Wireless Networks | Virtualization in Wireless | Energy Efficiency in Wireless | Wireless Power Transfer | Unmanned Aerial Vehicles | Security of Internet of Things | Wireless for Disaster Relief | Indoor Localization | Broadband Wireless Access | Cognitive Radios | Constrained Application Protocol | 802.16m and WiMAX Rel 2.0 | CAPWAP Protocol | Femtocells | Long Term Evolution (LTE) | Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-Advanced) | Mobile Based Augmented Reality | Mobile Cloud Computing | Smart Grid I | Smart Grid II | Green Networking | Body Area Networks (BAN) | OSPF Extensions for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks | 4G IMT-Advanced | The 700 MHz Band | Wireless for Rural America | Long Term Evolution (LTE) & Ultra-Mobile Broadband (UMB) | Medical Applications of UWB | Medical Applications of Wireless Networks | Energy Efficient Wireless Protocols | Satellite Networking | Metropolitan and Regional Wireless Networks: 802.16, 802.20 and 802.22 | Wireless Personal Area Networks | RFID | Recent Advances in the Wireless Physical Layer | Location Management in Wireless Data Networks | Location Management in Wireless Cellular Networks | Time Synchronization in Wireless Networks | Power Management in Wireless Networks | Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Networks | Mobile IP | Network Mobility | Network Architectures for Mobility | IEEE802.21 Media Independent Handover Services | QoS over WiMAX | QoS in Wireless Data Networks | QoS in Cellular Networks | TCP Optimizations for Wireless | VoIP/Multimedia over WiMAX | Voice over Wireless | Security in Wireless Data Networks | Security In Wireless Cellular Networks | Aircraft Wireless Networks | Inter/Intra-Vehicle Wireless Communication | Medical Applications of Wireless Networks

Class Lectures on Introduction to Computer Networks 2009
Course Overview | Internet: Core and Edge, History | Application Layer: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Domain Name System (DNS), Peer to Peer (P2P) Networking | Transport Layer: Design Issues, Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), TCP Congestion Control | Network Layer: IP4, ICMP, IPv6, Routing Algorithms, Internet Routing Protocols: OSPF, RIP, BGP | Link Layer: Error correction, LLC, VLANs, PPP, MPLS | Wireless and Mobile Networks: WiFi 802.11, Bluetooth, WiMAX, Cellular wireless Networks, Mobile IP and Cellular Mobility | Multimedia Networking | Security in Computer Networks:Cryptography, IPSec | Network Management

Class Lectures on Introduction to Computer Networks 2005:
Course Overview | Data Communications and Networking Overview | Data Transmission | Transmission Media | Signal Encoding Techniques | Digital Communications Techniques | Data Link Control Protocols | High-Speed LANs | High-Speed LANs Part II: 1G and 10G Ethernets and Token Ring | High-Speed LANs Part III: LLC and Bridges | Wireless LANs | Cellular Wireless Networks | Internet Protocol | Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) | Routing in Switched Networks | Transport Protocols | Network Security Part I: Concepts | Network Security Part II: Standards | Network Management (SNMP) | Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) | ATM Networks: An overview

Class Lectures on Recent Advances in Networking (1999)
Course Overview| A Review of Networking Concepts| ATM Introduction| Networking Trends| IP Switching, Multiprotocol Label Switching| Optical DWDM Networks| QoS over Data Networks| Virtual Private Networks| Voice over IP| Residential Broadband: Cable Modesm and ADSL| IP Over DWDM| IP Over SONET

Class Lectures on Recent Advances in Networking (1997)
Networking Trends and Their Impact| ATM Networks - An Introduction| LAN Emulation, ATM Emulation, Classical IP over ATM| MPOA, NHRP, MPOA, IP Switching| Label/Tag Switching| LAN Switching and Traffic Classes| Virtual LANs| Gigabit Ethernet| Cable Modems and ADSL| Multicast over IP and ATM| Protocols for Multimedia on the Internet| Wireless Data Networking| IP over SONET| QoS in IP Networks| Voice over IP

Seminars on Recent Advances in Networking (1995-96):
High-Speed Networking: Trends and Issues| ATM Networking: An Overview| ATM Networking: Issues and Challenges| Multimedia Networks: An Introduction| Multimedia Networking over IP and ATM| Wireless Data Networking: An Introduction| Network Issues for Mobile Computing| Traffic Management in ATM Networks| 100 Mbps Networking Technologies: 100BASE-Tx| All-Optical Networks | Internet Protocol: The next generation | Gigabit Networking Standards: Fibre Channel and HIPPI
Student Reports on Recent Advances in Networking (1999):
10 Gigabit Ethernet| 3G Wireless Networks| Ad-Hoc Mobile Routing| Video Compression| Optical DWDM| H.323| Home Networking| IP over DWDM| IP QOS over ATM| LMDS| QoS Products| QoS Protocols| QoS Routing| TCP Extensions for Wireless| Terabit Switches and Routers| High-Speed Testbeds| Voice over IP Products| Voice over IP Protocols| Voice Over ATM| Web Caching and Replication| Wireless LANs| Wireless Data Networking

Student Reports on Recent Advances in Networking (1997):
Active Networks| ATM Products| ATM Security| Cable Modems| Gigabit Ethernet| Gigabit Nets| Integrated Services| Internet Telephony| IP Multicast| IP Multimedia| IP over ATM| IP Security| IP Switching| LAN Switching| Network Monitoring| ADSL and Cable Modems| Satellite Data Networks| Satellite Networks| TCP Over ATM| Video Over ATM| Virtual LANs| Wireless ATM| Wireless LANs

Student Reports on Recent Advances in Networking (1995):
Congestion Control in ATM Networks| ATM Switching| Distributed Computing| Fiber Channel| Frame Relay| HIPPI| ISDN| IP Next Generation (IPng)| Mobile Computing| Mobile IP| Multimedia Products| Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS)| Congestion Control Algorithms for TCP/IP| High Performance Transports

References to Recent Advances in Networking:
Future Networks and Next Generation Internet
Tutorials on ATM Networks:
Overview| Adaptations Layers| Traffic Management | Issues and Challenges Ahead| Physical Layers (Phy)| Multiprotocol over ATM (MPOA)| Signaling (UNI)| Private Network to Node Interface (PNNI)| Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface (B-ICI)| Residential Broadband (RBB)| Voice and Telephony over ATM (VTOA)| Wireless ATM (WATM)| Audiovisual Multimedia Services (AMS)| Name Service (ANS)| Application Programming Interface (API)
Tutorials on Internet Protocols: ( Video Recordings are also available.)
Fundamentals (OSI Reference Model, Coding, Ethernet)| Data Link Control (Flow Control, Error Control, HDLC, PPP)| Internet Protocol (IP, IP Addressing)| Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)| IP Next Generation (IPv6)| Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)| Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)| The Domain Name System (DNS)| Network Management (SNMP)| Network Security (Firewalls)| Routing Algorithms (Dijkstra and Bellman-Ford)| Route Discovery Protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP)| Mobile IP| Multipoint Communication Over IP (IP Multicasting)| ATM Networks | LAN Emulation, IP Switching and Label Switching| Protocols for Multimedia on the Internet (Integrated Services, RSVP, Differentiated Services)| Voice over IP| IP over SONET
Courses Taught at OSU:
CIS 677: Introduction to Computer Networking (Class Handouts Fall'96| Spring'96| Fall'98| Spring'00)| CIS 678: Internetworking ( Winter'96 Class Handouts) | CIS 777: Telecommunication Networks (Class Handouts Spring'97 | Spring'98 | Spring'99 | Spring'00) | CIS 788.08Q: Recent Advances in Networking ( Summer'97 Class Handouts| Fall'99 Class Handouts) | CIS 752: Simulation Modeling and Analysis ( Autumn'97 Class Handouts) |
Recent/Upcoming Conference/Seminar Appearances
Keynote Speaker at ADCOM 2015, ADCOM 2014, WoWMoM 2014, ADCOM 2013, Mobile Cloud Computing & Services 2012, ICC 2012, IEEE ANTS 2010, MICS 2010, NBiS 2009, Networking Architecture Symposium 1969-2009: Fourty years of Internetworking Research, ICON 2008, ACM Multimedia 2008, ICCBN 2008, ICCCE 2008. ... ! Tutorial Chair ACM SIGCOMM 2016 | Distinguished Lecture, ICNC 2012, | Co-Chair, Broadband Access Comm. Technologies Conf. III 2009 | Inaugural Speaker, COMSNETS 2011, | Tutorial Speaker, MILCOM 2010, Hot Interconnect 2010, | CDAC-ACCS Foundation Lecture, ADCOM 2009 | Tutorial Speaker, Globecom 2009 | Co-Chair, Broadband Access Communication Technologies Conference III 2009 | Co-Chair, Broadband Access Communication Technologies III 2009 | Co-Chair, Broadband Access Communication Technologies Conference II 2008 | Tutorial Presenter, Photonics West 2008 | Invited Speaker, ANTS 2008 | General Chair, ICCBN 2008 ...
Recent Participation in Conference Program/Advisory Committees
Global Cloud Computing Conference 2015, RAIT-2016, Large Scale Complex Network Analysis 2015, ICSNC 2015, ICSNCS-2015, RDCAPE 2015, ICONECT15, ICN 2015, ICACNI-2015, Contemporary Computing and Informatics ICSNC 2014, WOCN 2014, WINSYS 2014, SAI 2014, EMERGING 2014 ICNSC 2014, ICIW 2014, CITS 2014, ICACNI-2014, TiECON 2014, WON 2014, AINA-2014, innovations in Computer, Communication and Control technologies 2014, RAIT-2014 NCICTC'14, ICN 2014, ICNC 2014, ICMC 2013, 2nd Networking and Communications Workshop 2013, 2nd Mobile and Wireless Workshop 2013 ICSNC 2013, SAI 2013, EMERGING 2013, MUSIC-13, ICACCI-2013, WINSYS 2013, DCNET 2013, WOCN 2013, CITS 2013, MIC-CS'13, BWINA 2013, ICCCN 2013, ICNC 2013, ICN 2013, Broadband Access Communication Technologies VII, MIC-IT '13, FGCT 2012, CSWS'12 ICSNC 2012, MIC-CS'12, MIC-CCA2012, EMERGING 2012, WOCN 2012, CITS 2012, MOPAS 2012, CTRQ 2012, MIC-CSP 2012, RAIT 2012, Broadband Access Communication Technologies V, Energy in Communication, Information, and Cyber-physical Systems (E6), ICITCS 2011, EMERGING 2011 | EDOC 2011 | ICCCN 2011 | SPECTS 2011/ | CTRQ 2011 | ComMOPAS 2011 | AINA 2011 | FutureNet 3 | Access Nets 2010 | MICS 2010 | EMERGING 2010 | EDOC 2010 | ICCCN 2010 | ICAIT 2010 | ONPlan 2010 | MOPAS 2010 | AICCSA 2010 | ICCCE 2010 | ICISA 2010 | AINA 2010 | ICCC 2010 | ...
Current Students: Lav Gupta
Past PhD Students: Subharthi Paul, Cisco Systems, Jianli Pan, UMSL, Chakchai Soin, Khon Kaen University, Thailand | Abdel Karim Al-Tamimi, Yarmouk University, Jordan | Prof. Shivkumar Kalayanaraman, IBM Research, India | Prof. Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University | Dr. Rohit Goyal, Founder and VP of Engineering, NeoSaej | Dr. Bobby Vandalore, Juniper Networks| Prof. Chun Lei Liu, Valdosta State University
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