Erik Karulf

About Me

I am a computer science student enrolled in the MS program. I work at the Media and Machines Laboratory under the direction of Bill Smart. Before I joined the Media and Machines lab full-time, I worked as one of the lead developers for the Aerospace Systems Laboratory.

Outside of academics, I am the director of technology at Penny Arcade where I design, develop, and maintain all of the software that powers the vidgame empire.


I am a strong proponent of open source software and I will gladly share the source code to any of my academic projects. Unfortunately, some of my software is protected under ITAR and as such I can not redistribute any code related satellite control systems.

  • Binocular Vision is designed to take input from two video inputs (typically two webcams) and record them to a file. This project is currently being used by Dr. Herman Pontzer to record the movements of orangoutangs.
  • RIDE is a system for efficiently controlling large groups of robots from a single application.
  • wu-ros-pkg is a collection of robotics software that we use here at WashU.